We all just want someone to climb mountains with, go to all these different places with, to read and drink tea with, take funny pictures with and just explore things you only would do with that one person.

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Bit late but okay

1. WHAT WOULD YOU NAME YOUR FIRST DAUGHTER? - I would name her Violet Rose after my nan who is very close to my heart, but I’ve always wanted to adopt a child to give him/her another chance in life but I can’t really change their name so yeah.

15. IS IT HARD FOR YOU TO GET OVER SOMEONE? - Depends on how much me and that person has been through, my most recent one was with a girl I had liked for a fair few months but had known for since September last year. I’m over her now so it’s all okay😊

41. ARE YOU SINGLE/TAKEN/HEARTBROKEN/CONFUSED/WAITING FOR THE UNEXPECTED? - I’m single and confused. I’m not in a relationship but yes I am starting to like a girl😳but I’m scared and worried because she’s a lot better than I am and I’m worried I’m not going to be good enough. But that’s me thinking negatively.